What We Do

Ewantek Ltd, a revolutionary company in the field of trading, operates within the market with outstanding delivery times, thus creating the ‘velocity and saving delivery’ service. This result is achieved through an innovative modus-operandi, where inventiveness and creativity form the basis of the day-to-day job.

In a constant and increasingly saturated market, where the competition is highly present in every field, the work excellency and the product’s quality represent one of the few effective survival strategies. Only a secure success can guarantee growth to the company, and the company’s history performances, prove the effectiveness of its operating methods.

Ewantek conciliates and innovates the plastic polimers’ trading industry, with the integration of a scrupulous attention for the real estate market, while thrilling for the nursery market.

Among the most commercialised plastic materials, there are the basic polymers and the technopolymers. These materials are normally used to manufacture plastic artifacts, at the service of both the private and the industrial real estate sectors.

Ewantek developed, throughout the past years, several partnerships with the biggest raw plastic polymers’ manufacturers. Ewantek mastered its knowledge for the nursery market, and scrupulously follows the real estate sector.
These are fundamental elements to meet the requirements to provide prompt and satisfactory responses to the market demands.

Ewantek, one name, one thousand reasons to join the forces. Ewantek, innovation and success in polymers trading, high competency in the real estate market, and optimum solutions in the nursery field.